Back Pain, Lumbar Herniated Discs & Treatment

Back pain and lumbar herniated discs can be expensive to treat. It gets worse if your condition is in an advanced stage. But, using lumbar traction, you can reverse your situation or reduce the intensity of suffering. Here’s what you need to know about lumbar traction for back pain and herniated disks.

There are Two Types of Lumbar Traction

Your physician can recommend manual or mechanical traction. Indeed, the stage of your situation and the level of suffering determine which option to use.

Mechanical Traction – This uses a specially designed table subdivided into two. The table generates some tension to provide traction. You will wear a harness with two rings for support and push or pull sections of the table to create traction force. What this means is that you have to get a good traction device to give you the results you’re hoping to achieve.The table, for instance, should be sturdy enough to handle your weight. On that note visit to find out which are the best back traction devices on the market and what makes them stand out.

Manual Traction – This involves a manual action by your physical therapist. He or she can pull you your ankles, or you can place your legs on his/her shoulder and allow him/her to pull your thighs. The idea is to make sure that your joints get back into place and increase the spaces between your vertebrae.

Statistics Show Lumbar Traction Indeed Works

Repeated studies indicate that lumbar traction helps ease the intensity of pain and reduces suffering. In fact, it can take as little as six weeks for your condition to improve. However, before using traction for your status, you should get in touch with your physician to create total-management therapy plan. In most cases, your doctor will recommend lumbar traction as in combination with other treatment options. He or she can, for instance, instruct that you perform light exercises before lumbar traction.

The Bottom Line

While lumbar traction isn’t the only way you can use to treat your back pain and herniated discs, there is a general feeling that it is one of the most effective options available. Unlike most remedies, it does more than just reducing pain. Lumbar traction improves the body’s capability to heal itself. When you use your traction devices religiously, you can even reverse your condition completely.