Date Ideas for People Looking for Something Different

Date night can be complicated. Being an adult means responsibility tends to get in the way and can take an effort to work around. Even after you’ve both done that you have to think update ideas. Dinner and a movie may be a classic, but it’s also a cliche. Sometimes a bit of creativity is welcomed.

Making a date unique simply leaves a better impression. How many times have you been to dinner and then come back home? Exactly. You’ve probably lost count. How many times have you had a date out on the yard in a hammock with candles around you? You’re welcome.

Little ideas like the one above can not only be a nice twist to otherwise mundane date ideas, but they can also be inexpensive. What really matters is that both of you are free, comfortable and together anyway right? Let’s get some easy date ideas.

    • Go for a run together: if both of you are in great shape this can be a fun experience. If neither of you is in great shape, a walk or riding bicycles maybe a better idea.
    • Walking around your old campus: strolling through the campus of your alma mater and enjoying some nostalgia is a great idea for couples that graduated from the same university.
    • Volunteering together: if you’re both the type that loves to help people this can be a great way to give back while being together.
    • Dancing or taking a dancing class: going out and dancing the night away is about as romantic as it gets. If you don’t have any moves yet take some classes with your partner. It can be an ongoing thing.
    • Attend a free concert: indie bands often perform at random events. It gives you a chance to scout some future superstars while (hopefully) enjoying some music.
    • Take cooking classes: cooking classes make for a fun and potentially hilarious date and both of you will know how to make something delicious in the future.
    • Visit a memorial or historic site: if either of you is a history buff or simply appreciates the past try looking for an exhibit, park or museum nearby.
  • Go wine tasting: Grab some food, stop by the event and try out different wines. Maybe you’ll find a wine you love. Just be sure to have safe transportation to and from the event. If you’re in the UKĀ visit our site.