Explore Different Types Of Trash Bins Along With Their Applications

The days are gone when trash bins were used for only disposing waste material. With the advent in technology, nowadays, trash bins are good looking, stylish as well as more hygienic. If you want to trash organic, in-organic, wet or dry waste, then you must have to select one trash bin that is perfect for a specific type of waste material. You can know more about them at Trash That.

Red Lid bin

It is one of the most common bins you find everywhere right from shopping malls to cinemas. Red lid bins are exclusively designed for disposing general household waste such as non-compostable nappies, plastic wrap, plastic bags, cling film, bin liners, newspaper plastic wraps, bubble wrap and polystyrene foam, crockery and broken glass, aluminum foil, kitty litter etc. Overall, this bin is designed to dispose wastes that don’t need recycling. It comes in different size options, such as 240 liter, 120 liter and 80 liter. Materials not to dispose in this bin are chemicals, liquids or hot ashes, car batteries, large heavy objects, compostable substance (leaves, weeds, vegetable scraps, lawn clippings), and recyclable material (aluminum, paper, cans, jars and glass bottles).

Yellow Lid bin

It is another popular bin widely used in disposing several materials. In this bin, you can put only recyclable materials such as aerosol cans, bread tags, glass bottles & jars, milk and juice cartoons, cardboard and paper (cardboard boxes, egg cartons, junk mail, newspapers, envelopes and magazines), steel/aluminum lids and cans, alfoil etc. If you don’t know how to recognize, recyclable and non-recyclable products, then look out for green dot over the products. These days, most of the packed products come with green dot which means that product waste can be recycled easily. To use this bin effectively, you have to place correct stuffs into your yellow lid or recycling bin. Like other bin options, it also comes in different sizes such as 80 liter, 120 liter and several others.

Green lid bin

This is also known as organic bin. Usually, green lid bins are used to dispose organic material such as lawn clippings, cut flowers, compostable bags, small leaves and tree branches, food scraps, compostable baby nappies, pet poo, weeds, leaves, cardboard (pizza boxes etc), food soiled paper etc. Do not place plastics and garden hoses, plant pots, bricks, stones, shredded paper, soil etc. in your organic bin. You must follow the guidelines in order to reduce the risk of contamination.