Guest Post Outreach Made Easy

Ever considered to do guest post outreach? Before trying to answer that question you might not entirely understand what we mean here so let us explain a little bit before we dive into this material.

Guest post outreach simply means that you contact websites and offer them a guest post.


Because you can insert a link in that guest post/article, that points back at your website and by doing so you provide Google with the right signal that your website is popular. The more of such links you gain the more popular Google thinks your website is and the higher you will rank in their search engine.

Clever right?

It sure is, there’s just one problem. Most websites are getting emailed to death with a request for guest posts and most of these requests come from people with a poor comprehension of the English language, in other words, low-quality articles that no one would ever publish.

As a result of that most webmasters will immediately trash those kinds of emails so it requires a specific approach to make this work.

Two ways to do it

You can do it the easy or the hard way depending on how much effort you want to put into it, but honestly, at the end of the day it’s both a time-consuming tedious task no matter how much you automate it so let’s divide it into two strategies:

  • Manual outreach
  • Automatic outreach

Below we are going to explain the differences between the two, as well as the pros and cons of each method.

Manual outreach

This mostly relies on building relationships, sure you can send out one hundred emails manually but if that’s all you are going to do you could just as well send them out in bulk, killing the whole concept.

Instead you are going to track down the owner of the blog and get in touch through social media, find their Twitter handle, and Facebook account and throw a few likes their way, and follow them, just do this for a few days so that they keep seeing your name pop up a couple of times to make them think Hey, I know that guy, he commented on my post the other day.

Now that you have your foot in the door it becomes easier to reach out to said person and offer a guest post trade or other incentives to get published on their blog. Now I won’t say this will work every single time but you should be able to get a 10-20% success rate this way, assuming you do it properly without spamming.

Automated outreach

Once we start automating things we automate it big time and that starts with scraping lists of thousands of sites, following up with a tool that is able to scrape email addresses from those sites, and then a bulk emailer to email hundreds of people at once. Gmail is for starters, but there are much better tools to do just that. This is truly a numbers game so the more people you contact, the higher your chance at success. A 0.5-1% success rate is already amazing if you are just starting out. Yep, it’s not a very high rate but it requires much less work.

Buying guest posts

If your budget allows for it you can make it yourself a lot easier by simply buying guest posts at places like Content Hourlies, Fat Joe, Authority Builders or the Hoth. Personally, I prefer to use Content Hourlies as from a quick check it turned out they offered the most competitive pricing although their collection of sites is a bit limited so let’s hope they grow enough over time to make it worth our while.