How to Use Your Office to Create Awesome Videos

While experts recommend shooting a video in a conference room, sometimes you can easily turn your office into a shooting space. Well, in a conference room, there is controlled lighting, ambiance, noise, and minimized distraction. You can learn more about quality video production at Whatisflow. However, when you decide to use your office as a conference room, here are essential tips to follow:

Utilize studio lights

With the normal overhead lights in your office, you cannot create shots because of the shadows they create. Besides, with the changing position of the sun, you cannot maintain a consistent look. The best step is to turn off the office lights and block any source of light from outside. Then you can use your video lighting in the space. You don’t need too much light to create fantastic images. Just have three lights strategically placed and you are good to go.

Manage the sound

There is often the echo and reverb from an empty room, which can distract and make things sound like you are inside a bathroom. To correct this, you should soundproof the space using sound-dampening sheets. If you cannot afford those, you can simply hang blankets on the walls to prevent that bouncing effect of sound. Cover all noisy vents or turn off the HVAC system in the entire room during filming.

Leave the setup in place!

It is advisable to have your setup in place at all times. Having a place ready and dedicated for the purpose gives you easy time when producing new videos. Besides, if you plan to produce multiple clips to sell, it would be important to have your setup ready at all times to save you time.

Have a backdrop

Solid backgrounds often help in creating amazing videos. For instance, if you would like to film your boss sitting on an executive chair, you should include a solid background with a matching color to complement the color of the seat or of the clothes. Off-white walls are often boring with glare and nasty reflections. To correct the appearance, you can have the wall covered with a seamless paper. Such papers are available from reliable photography stores. For example, a big roll of gray paper can make a big difference in the background. To set up in place, you can use stands or simply cut and mount it on the wall.