Is Bay Ridge Invisalign A Much Better Alternative To Braces?

If your considering getting your or your kid’s teeth straightened with Invisalign instead of braces, you are probably curious about a lot of things. You are probably wondering which is more affordable and more effective. However, cost should never be the deciding factor, rather you should undergo the treatment that will effectively fix your teeth.

It is true that both braces and Invisalign serve the same purpose of improving oral health and smile, while straightening teeth as well. It was back in 2000 when the use of Invisalign started to become common, but its use does not date as back as the use of braces.

As you probably already know, braces happen to be metal brackets that are glued to the teeth, and tiny rubber bands and wires are used to tie them together. These days braces in different colors, even those that match tooth enamel, are also available.

On the other hand, Invisalign is specifically designed to be discrete and invisible. It basically consists of aligner trays made of BPA-free, comfortable and smooth clear plastic that you will have to wear over your teeth so they can be gently and subtly straightened. Your cosmetic dentist will create an accurate 3D image of your teeth by using impressions, pictures, and X-rays, and your aligner trays will be configured accordingly.

While you can get your teeth straightened with both braces and Invisalign, each of them have their own pros and cons.

Typically, braces are made of a metal like silver and you can pay extra for different colors or enamel color, while Invisalign happens to be clear and invisible. Depending on your needs, you may have to wear braces around the clock for 2 years, while you may have to wear Invisalign for nearly the same amount of time every day, but anywhere between 6 and 18 months.

When it comes to maintenance, you will have to brush your braces regularly while you brush your teeth, and it will be helpful if you use a water pick. While you may brush and rinse the aligner trays in luke warm water, you may also use an Invisalign Cleaning system. If you decide to wear braces, you will have to go for follow up visits at least once a month. If you go for Invisalign, the aligner trays will have to be changed very 2 weeks and you will have to for follow up visits at least every 4 weeks.

Braces can cause discomfort, pain and/or sores because of all the brackets, wires and/or tooth movement. Your teeth may also break and/or get discolored. You may also not be able to easily eat hard and sticky foods. On the other hand, Invisalgin tends to be invisible and the aligner trays can be removed at any time, so you can easily eat anything and food will not get caught.

If you want to have a beautiful smile and optimal oral health, then your teeth must be straight. While braces have been the go-top option for a long time, today Bay Ridge Invisalign is a much better alternative that is worth considering.