New Site on the Block – Quatum Marketer

Like the title says, it’s the new kid around the block. Obviously, it’s about marketing and in particular when it comes to Instagram.

So what do they have to offer? Well, a whole range of Instagram bots and automating services to make your life a little easier.

Do those services work? Yeah, I bet they do because after Instagress went down for good there was plenty of opportunity for a replacement and none of the developers have been sitting still.

So what do they offer? Pretty much the same as everyone else, more engagement, more followers, more shares, more likes and so on.

Here are some of the bots they review

Social Steeze tops the list of course and it’s also one of my own favorites thanks to their affordable pricing plans and long range of options and features. Closely followed by Follow Adder which I’m not a great of due to its limited options, and of course, there is Following Like which main feature is liking other people posts and doing so while staying under the radar, very important these days.

If you’re more into managed services then I would opt for Managed Social as they do everything for you so there is literally zero risk of getting caught, well perhaps not zero but the chance is very small or they would be killing their own business as everyone would cancel their subscription.

Youtube, Pinterest, Twitter & Facebook

If you thought they only focus on Instagram you are wrong. They review virtually every bot that exists for every platform out there. Quantum Marketer is definitely my site to go to when I’m looking to automate my social media accounts because their reviews are trustworthy, it appears that the owner does nothing else but testing all these bots himself all day long, and then of course writers about it.

It’s no charity though, the posts are obviously monetized with affiliate links to make an earning from it and it says so in their disclaimer, but despite that, it simply pays off to recommend good bots instead of just the ones with the highest commission. Their blog is open for comments so it would be a complete disaster if people start to voice their complaints.

This is the case with most reviews sites btw, there is no need to draw undesirable attention so although some people are skeptical when it comes to reviewing sites there’s really no need to.