Removals and Storage 101

There’s more to a removals and storage company than the trucks. It is, therefore, essential that you know exactly what the company you plan to hire when moving houses has to offer. What follows is a rundown of top thing a good removals service should provide;

Boxes and Packing

When moving, you will need to pack your valuables into boxes, right? It means, therefore, that you shouldn’t spend your money with a removals company that doesn’t offer a variety of boxes to hold your items. How do you expect them to transport your items without breakages?


Removals and storage go together.  Of course, there’s always a chance that your belongings may not fit into your new apartment. Other than that, you could be moving your valuables because you’re traveling overseas for some time. A reputable service should be able to provide a storage solution for you. It is essential to note here that you’re better off with containerised or weather controlled storage units. That way, you can be sure that your possessions are safe from elements.

Brilliant Communication

The last thing that you want is to deal with a removals company that takes forever to reply to your quarries. You want a service that responds to your concerns speedily every time you want them to. In other words, any company worth your money should be a phone call away. On top of that, the service should allow you access to your items anytime you want them to.

Commercial Removals

A good removals and storage company should be flexible enough to handle any task including commercial removals. Moving an entire office building is not only demanding but also takes up a lot of time. Plus, the thought of moving one desk after the other can be overwhelming. But, if you hire the right service, locating your office should be much of a concern. Make sure that you assess the company’s ability to handle your needs for big commercial moves before committing your money.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to removals and storage companies, it is all about getting the value for your money. Choose a service with a good reputation and one that performs its work with professionalism. Experience is crucial too so pick a firm that has been in the business for a while. On that note, visit HJ Clarks to discover Clark & Sons, a removals and storage company based in Blackpool to see how they can help you with your moving needs.