Satisfying Reasons Why You Need To Get Yourself a Bug Zapper

After a long winter period, every loves and welcomes the sound of summer. Despite the hot and warm condition, it is a time for people to do fun stuff like long bike rides, picnics and photo shoots, barbecue and more. For some, it is the time to trim grass and bushes all in the name of dispelling harmful insects. Without taking the right measure, one may not enjoy their time outside. As a result, they will stay indoors, to just stay away from bugs and insects. But not anymore, since bug zappers now work efficiently.

While there has been a mixed reaction as to whether zapping works, it does all the time. Numerous varieties and types of bug zappers are effective when used for the right purpose. For instance, indoor zappers should stay inside while outdoor ones stay out. You see, this technology started in the 1930s, and currently it has been modernized to make it better, safer and more helpful.

These gadgets use UV fluorescent light to lure insects to them, then electrocute each killing them in an instant. But someone may argue, UV light does not attract mosquitoes. Instead, they get drawn to the Carbon Dioxide gas and moisture from sweat. They will then conclude that zappers are useless. Not at all, mosquitoes are in fact the most irritating insects of all times, especially at night. But with new models of zappers in the market that emit both Carbon Dioxide and UV light mosquitoes can’t get any smarter. This is a valid reason why you ought to try these gadgets today. However, check that you keep them away from where food is prepared or a place congested with people for longer periods.

Why You Should Use Them

While they may not be the overall means to eliminate all bugs, they are the best option. Use them because some of them have reflectors to direct the UV light where is direly needed. Also, the electrocution process is silently unlike ancient zappers thus you are not disturbed. Some are also easy to installing in a perfect spot, not to mention their sleek design that may match and enhance your interior decor. Again you may be wondering if they are safe for your kids since kids like touching everything they spot in their vicinity. Worry not because most bug zappers are children safe.

In conclusion, getting yourself a bug zapper is the wisest thing to do. At the end of the day, you want to be free from the stings and bites of bugs which not only inflict but can be disease transmitting. Summer is a time to enjoy to your fullest, and these bug zappers will guarantee you exactly that.