Skating as a competitive sport.

It is difficult to imagine the winter Olympic Games without such ornament sport as figure skating! Millions of people love this sport. A lot of people feels benefits of this sport. That is why it is very popular. Figure skating is a type of speed skating in which a couple of athletes or one athlete skate on ice to music and perform various elements at the same time. It is very graceful and difficult sport. There are several types of figure skating. We will consider them here, in this article. I hope you will admire the information.

Men’s and female single figure skating. The main objective for the athlete is to show the ability to carry out all basic elements: spirals (one leg on ice, the second is higher than a hip); steps (a combination of driving and movement, necessary for connection of elements); jumps (happen toe pick and costal; there are 6 types: flip, sheepskin coat, axel, salchow, Lutz and loop jump); rotations (happen standing, in a squat and “swallow”). There is a direct dependence of level of the athlete – on a complexity of the elements, which are carried out by him and virtuosity.

Sports dances. Sports ice dance has appeared in the Great Britain in the late forties, and from 1952 is carried out the world and European championships. In this discipline, the emphasis is placed on musicality and on the joint performance of dancing movements of athletes. The beauty of athletes, smoothness and high artistry made it very popular. Therefore, this type of figure scatting is more safe and have less injury rate.

Pair figure skating. The main accent is put here on a unification of partners who execute in addition to basic elements also on such unique as supports, bursts, parallel and joint rotations, turnings It is very important that athletes executed the program synchronously.

The synchronous figure skating. This type of figure skating is very similar to pair figure skating The homeland of the synchronous figure skating is the USA. It was originated in the mid-sixties the last century. The first competitions took place in 1976. In a command, there are from 16 to 20 people, both women, and man. The main feature is that actions of a command shall look as a unit. There are mandatory members: line, circle, wheel, units, and intersections. Supports are forbidden.

The figure skating is very popular sport around the world. Children from the earliest age begin to be engaged in it. There are many schools worldwide. It is often possible to see a TV program, ride where stars of figure skating together with the famous actors or musicians. The format of such shows has huge ratings at the audience.