The Gift of Perfume for Your New Wife

When weddings take place, many gifts are showered on both bride and groom.

But you, as a groom, should think about that extra special gift just for your new wife. Something that’s personal, and set apart from all the other gifts she’s received.

One gift that always touches a young woman’s heart is perfume.

And not just any scent. One that reminds her of you, your love, and the time you spend together.

For some it can be difficult to resolve the problem of what kind of scent to give to a woman, but not if you know her, and have smelled the fragrances she has already worn and liked.

This may involve you becoming a spy of sorts, looking into her perfumes and even spraying them lightly in the air to smell them. What does she lean toward: Floral? Spice? Bold? Soft? Powdery?

Try to put a label on the fragrances.

Write some of them down so that you can have them handy for online shopping or a trip to the mall. Alone. Don’t ask her what she wants. Choose it for her. But choose wisely. Make sure it matches her personality. If none of her perfumes have a particularly strong smell of “alcohol”, then by all means, never buy her one that smells this way. Try to find one in the same “family” of scents that she wears. Do you know her favorite color schemes? Flowers? Cars? Cats? Dogs? Celebrities? Part of knowing your new wife and choosing a perfume that suits her, is knowing what she likes and what she doesn’t.

If she is the eclectic kind that seems to love trying new things, that’s a good thing. It can make your scent search a little easier. Find something that smells unlike anything she has, and that just may be the perfect choice.

If you feel that you’re still in need of input from someone, ask her best friend, mother, or family member. They should have some good ideas about a new perfume.

If all of that fails, then go to a mall and sample some of the perfumes on display. Ask a clerk for help. They should be able to give you some advice.

Once you smell all of the samples, be bold and make your best choice. Chances are she’ll love it, and the thoughtful planning you put into it.

Oh, and don’t forget the bouquet of roses to go with it.