The Need for Product Security

Every producer is interested in making their products traceable because it provides better security for both the buyer and the seller. To make the product traceable, you need to mark the different parts separately and clearly.

For better security, the system that you choose needs to provide a permanent marking on the surface, whether flat or curved. Many sellers end up marking only a single part of the whole equipment, forgetting that scrupulous manufacturers can easily remove the part and place another one and take ownership of the product.

One of the tools that you can use to provide a permanent mark on parts is a dot peen marker. This is a technology where the data is printed on the surface using a carbide needle. The technology delivers marks that become permanent on different kinds of materials, including steel and plastic.

Why Security Marketing

Using the dot pen marker for security marking is the best way to provide data that you can trace right from the buyer to the production line. You can also trace raw materials and know whether the whole batch is low quality. Using this approach makes it easy to identify mistakes and do away with them.

You also get the chance to know where the products ended. For instance, you get to know who bought the product and where it is at the moment.

Security marketing is crucial especially to those products that have a huge impact on the health of the masses. The food industry is of notable mention because it benefits a lot from this issue.

When you use security marketing, you can easily trace the end product to facilitate recycling.

Stickers are a No-no

If you wish to mark your products, don’t use stickers because they end up falling off. It is also a cheap way to mark and won’t boost your image in any way. The whole process isn’t reliable at all and might end up making your products get lost. Stickers also get damaged easily

On the other hand, dot peen marking is the best way to go. The good thing is also that you can mark behind hidden places and corners. You can also utilize a Bluetooth handheld engraver for this task.

In Conclusion

When it comes to making your products traceable, you need to take time to find the perfect method. Using dot peen marking is the best way to do it.