The Power of Instagram from a Desktop PC

For business owners, having an Instagram account is a plus. The ability to post photographs, comment, and like other people’s posts is a strategy that can help engage an audience. It’s a good thing because you can do it from the comfort of a mobile device.

But what if you’re more often on your desktop PC rather than on your mobile?

If you’re one of those people who think you can only power up your Instagram account from a mobile device, you’re wrong. Now, with a desktop PC, the world of Instagram is your oyster.

Can You Really Access Instagram from a Desktop PC?

Simply put, the answer is yes. Back then, sure, Instagram access from a desktop PC limits you to merely viewing photos. You can neither comment on nor like posts.

But the modern times have called for a change – and it has been answered. Now, the idea that Instagram is only for the users of mobile devices is outdated. Simply log in to the portal to get started. Rest assured that it’s safe to use. As of 2018, no negative reviews about it have surfaced.

Plan, Schedule, Post & More!

Accessing your Instagram account from your desktop PC is easy. Once you register for an account with a username and password, you’ll be granted access to manage multiple accounts!

What you can do:

    • Upload images
    • Post images
    • Schedule images
    • Check Instagram feed
    • Check scheduled posts
    • Check analytics (such as monthly number of posts and followers)

With the freedom of accessing your account on the go, it’s a cost-effective investment. Monthly and yearly packages are available. Choose one that suits your needs.

Available packages:


    • Casual ($8.00 per month)
        • 1 account
        • 50 posts per month
        • Post & schedule
        • Photos & stories
    • Pro ($18.00 per month)
        • 3 accounts
        • 150 posts per month
        • Post & schedule
        • Photos, videos & stories
    • Influencer ($38.00 per month)
        • 10 accounts
        • 250 posts per month
        • Post & schedule
        • Photos, videos & stories
    • Enterprise (Custom price)
        • Unlimited accounts
        • Unlimited posts per month
        • Post & schedule
        • Photos, videos & stories

And in case you’re wondering, all plans are inclusive of calendar, post preview, first comment, timeline management, and statistics. To get a detailed look at this awesome tool, check out Instagram for PC – PlanMyPost Let’s You Use IG From Your Desktop – Spire.

Final Thoughts

Instagram is a game-changer, especially if you know which tools to use. It can significantly improve your brand’s impact because it can monitor and optimize its performance.