The safest and most effective Instagram Bots

Out of all of the social media platforms available, Instagram is believed to be the most popular. This is backed up by having 700 million active monthly users. With such high numbers of users from all demographics using social media platforms they are being used by businesses for marketing purposes and many others that wish to use Instagram for marketing purposes, but they do not understand effective strategies.

The high user base does indeed offer opportunities for businesses to expand and reach new potential customers. This will depend on the targeted demographic of your business as some are very competitive. However, with some planning, your marketing approach can be successful in growing your Instagram account and gaining exposure for its brand.

What are common approaches to gain follower?

When using Instagram engagement is critical to increasing your followers. Many people utilize the ‘follow, like, comment’ approach to engage with users in hopes of a follow back. This approach may have some success, however, a follow back is not guaranteed. Also doing this manually is a very tedious and time-consuming task which could take away your focus from other areas of your business.

A time efficient solution to manual labor                                   

An Instagram Bot can complete the same ‘follow, like, comment’ approach to engaging with users with the added benefit of doing it on autopilot. This automated service can literally manage and grow your account for you allowing you to focus on more core business activities.

You can buy followers

This is true and although there are certain times when this is effective to buy followers, these followers you buy are fake. Therefore they will have zero engagement with your posts and unless you use them correctly then they are redundant.

Will I gain lots of irrelevant followers from using a Bot?

The good thing is that although they act on autopilot they do not interact with every profile regardless if is relevant or not. They will use hashtags to target specific audiences in your niche market who are relevant to your account.

2017 did have some Bot controversy, with Instagram launching various Bot crackdowns which resulted in some of the most popular Bots being shut down. This is because these automated services are in breach of Instagram’s user agreement.

Some leading Bots have been shut down

Regardless of the crackdowns, many businesses and people are still positive about using a Bot because it is the most efficient and efficient way to grow your account. Therefore it is advised to research a Bot that survived the crackdown and is believed to be safe.

Are there any safe Bots available?

Yes, an effective Bot that is believed to be safe because it survived the crackdowns it FollowAdder and is now the forerunner in the Instagram Bot market. It is an easy to use automated service has many great features.

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