Ways to Make Life Easier for Seniors

If you have at least one senior in your life, it is your duty to try and cater to their needs, but without making them feel dependent in any way. Obviously, different seniors have different health issues and lifestyle requirements, but often most will need a little help to perform routine tasks safely.

Whether it is writing them down a list of daily tasks or supplying household aids like remote controls and reaching tools, safety is paramount. This is all the more important in the kitchen, where accidents are bound to happen. Older adults can drop things or cut themselves on sharp edges; what you can do to help out the senior in your life is browse the web for advice, such as the useful tips on can openers that you can find in this top article.

Manual vs. electric

The type of can opener to get for your senior depends on how well they are still able to use their hands. Thus, older adults with good dexterity should be able to use manual can openers. Just make sure to get them a model with extra features, such as large knobs, gripping teeth, and padded handles; such features are also handy for seniors with moderate arthritis, as using them does not require great effort.

On the other hand, seniors suffering from more severe health issues may want to use an electric can opener instead, especially if you can find them one that is affordable. Note that even with an electric model, they will still need some level of dexterity in order to secure the can into the machine. In order to avoid any dangerous cuts, consider getting a sturdy can opener that won’t slip off during use.

It is best to stay away from electric can openers with too many features, as these only increase the selling price without bringing any real value to the senior using them. So, research the market carefully and cross off any unnecessary features before deciding on a model.


Aside price and ease of use, remember to assess the safety of any can opener, as well. For example, a model with a padded handle will enable the senior to get a proper grip on the machine and thus avoid dropping it on their foot. Moreover, a unit that cuts smoothly under the lid is great for eliminating sharp edges and therefore preventing seniors from accidentally cutting themselves.