Why Twitter Is Famous Despite High Competition

The internet age has opened up many business opportunities that were just mere imaginations like ten years ago. We now have online millionaires, marketers and consultants all glued and making a living out of this digital space. Different developers have been trying to come up with amazing products and some have been able to increase efficiency and people are already benefiting. Social media platforms have been among the most creative inventions that people use on a daily basis. There are some social platforms that die after a few years while others never really take off. The following are some of the reasons why Twitter is still famous despite competition.

Limitation of characters

The attention span of the humans is reducing day by day and you thus have to send your message using the least words possible. Many people cannot afford to lose minutes browsing through web pages and they thus need something that offers a solution they are looking for instantly. The current limit on the number of characters is 140 but you can make longer texts by creating a thread. You can also put links on your tweets to lead people to your website or somewhere they can get more information.

You can concentrate on a few tasks

If you are one of those who feels as if 24 hours in a day is never enough to handle all your tasks, then you might opt for automation. You can thus focus on product development, service delivery and handle promotion and social media engagement through automation. Millions of people use Twitter every month which increases chances of reaching people you have never met in your life. Getting new followers and growing your account from the scratch may not be a walk in the park but Jonathon Spire has a story on using a Twitter growth service.

Hashtags make content relevant for a long time

Even though other social platforms have borrowed the idea of hashtags, they were originally used only on Twitter. The first time they were used on Twitter was 2007 and they are still relevant today. Twitter has a special tab that shows all the trending hashtags which makes it easy to know what is new and what to follow. You can always trace back past content as long as you know the exact hashtag that was used. Ensure that the hashtags that you use relate with your niche to target the right followers.