Why you Should Choose an Artificial Christmas Tree Over a Real Tree

Christmas is celebrated only once each year and with it comes excitement and a shared feeling of celebration. Families gather together, people share gifts, and Christmas trees are set up to symbolize this special holiday season. One of the obvious dilemmas most people are likely to encounter when shopping for a Christmas tree is whether to buy a real or an artificial tree. However, over the past couple of years, more and more people prefer artificial trees over real trees for some reasons. This article highlights some of the reasons why artificial trees are increasingly becoming more popular than live trees.

Custom Made

Unlike live trees that come in their natural form, artificial Christmas trees can be customized to fit with varying individual preferences. Therefore, you can choose the color, shape or shade that you think fits best with your home décor. Also, if you opt to buy an artificial Christmas tree, you can also choose from a wide array of styles, shapes, and appearances. You can check some of the styles and shapes of artificial trees on Xmastree Express. Compared to live trees that come in their original form, artificial trees have an edge due to their customizable nature.


If properly stored, you can use the artificial Christmas tree year after year. As long as you store them in the right manner, they can hold their shapes for a long time. This way, they can save you the cost of buying a new Christmas tree each year. Unlike with live trees whose branches droop after some time and eventually dry up, artificial trees do not leave you with a huge mess to clean up on the floor.

Safe and healthy

Fire is the most common hazard associated with Christmas trees. However, this is often caused by live trees as the dried up leaves and branches are prone to catching fire if placed near a heating source.  You don’t have to worry about this if you buy an artificial tree as they are fire resistant, hence, much safer for your home. Additionally, live trees may trigger allergies in individuals who are allergic to certain scents or pollen which may come from live trees. However, this is not the case with artificial trees, which are more accommodating if you have such allergies.


As compared to live trees, an artificial tree offers more comfort in different ways. For instance, it does not call for any special maintenance or constant watering. Artificial trees come with a firm built-in stand, which gives you extra peace of mind and they can also be pre-lit making your work much easier. Additionally, apart from being cheaper, you only purchase it once and can be used for up to ten years as they are easy to store.